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Arabic Translation of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy to be Reproduced

Milan (Italy) – Mediterranean Publishing House has started to work on the reproduction of Hassan Osman’s translation of the book “Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri, where a scientific committee of senior academic Arabic translators assigned to translate and transfer heritage between the Italian and Arabic languages ​​was instructed to start working on the project.

The Arabic translation of Hassan Othman, historian and professor of Islamic and European history, of Dante’s masterpiece remains the brightest among the Arabic translations of this great literary work, since he devoted himself to studying Dante and the Divine Comedy from 1941 to 1951, and the translation took another eight years.

This project will be launched a few months before the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri, and those responsible for it hope that this project will see light by the 50th anniversary of Hassan Othman’s death in 2023.

The Mediterranean Publishing House, since its foundation in Italy, has been working on transferring Italian literature and thought to the Arabic language, and the house has presented many works of great names that are translated for the first time into Arabic. The Mediterranean Publishing House has also been greatly concerned with the revision, restoration, and modernization of ancient valuable translations, beginning with the novel “Fahd” by writer Joseph Tommazi di Lampedusa and the novel “Fontmara” by Ignatio Cilone. This has made Mediterranean Publishing House a specialist in Italian literature and translation of the same to the Arabic language.

Arabic Translation Team

Team working on this project includes Amani Fawzi Habashi, who won the Italian National Award for Translation in 2003, and the Italian Solidarity Star, Knight rank in 2004, and Najlaa Wali, researcher and translator, who holds a PhD in Italian language with a first class honors degree from Al Alsun College – University of Ain Shams, and a master’s degree in Arabic literature and Islamic studies from the University of Oriental Studies in Naples, and currently working as a teacher of Arabic language and translation technology from Arabic to Italian at the University of Turin.

The Arabic translation team also includes Dr. Wael Farouk, who is a critic, academic, poet and Arabic translator who holds a degree of professorship in Near Eastern languages ​​and cultures from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Italy. He is currently a professor of Arab and Islamic studies at the Faculty of Linguistic Sciences and Foreign Literature and the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan.

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