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Best Ten Translation Apps for Android Smartphones

Find out which are the 10 best translation applications for Android.

When you move to a new country or visit for a business trip or spend a vacation, language becomes a big barrier. A good translation application for your Android device can become a useful aid in these cases, since these types of apps will provide assistance to speak, read and understand an unknown language instantly. That is why we have prepared for you a list of the 10 best translation apps for Android.

iTranslate, A Comprehensive Translation App

Best translation apps for Android smartphones

If you are looking for one of the most popular Android translation applications on the market, iTranslate is the best option for you. This app translates hundreds of languages ​​instantly and you can use it as a translator and as a dictionary for all available languages. It has a simple but intuitive interface and is very easy to use.

You can choose the type of voice in which you want to hear the translations and even switch to different dialects of each language. It also offers you a book with more than 250 short sentences, but very useful, depending on the language you want to learn. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

Dict Box Dictionary, An Excellent Option

Best translation apps for Android smartphones

Dict Box is a multilingual dictionary that supports dozens of languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Romanian, and many more. Some of the features include full offline support, word correction, audio pronunciations, images, flashcards for practice memorization and synchronization between devices.

It also includes camera functions to scan a text and display the translation automatically. The design is quite simple and easy to use, so you should have no trouble getting started. Some more advanced features are blocked in the free version, but you can get them with the premium version. Download this app from this link.

Have You Tried Microsoft Translator Yet?

Best translation apps for Android smartphones

This is one of the best translation applications that you will find in the Play Store. Microsoft Translator supports over 60 languages ​​that are also available offline. The app also supports two-way conversations (with up to 100 people at a time), phrase books, pronunciation guides, Android Wear compatibility, and alternative translations.

It is actually surprisingly good and very complete. Its user interface is very intuitive. Last but not least, it is completely free, with no in-app purchases or ads. If you are looking for a quality translator, this is an excellent option. You can download the Microsoft translator here.

Google Translate Cannot Miss This List

Best translation apps for Android smartphones

Google Translate is probably the best translation app for mobile devices. It supports over 100 languages ​​online and over 50 are available offline, it is also capable of translating almost everything with your smartphone camera: menus, street signs and much more. Also, the app supports handwriting and voice input for more convenience.

This app can even translate a complete conversation in real time if necessary and in the simplest way you can imagine. It is definitely the gold standard when it comes to translation for mobile devices. It is totally free to download and comes without in-app purchases or ads and you can download it here.

Linguee Dictionary, One Of The Best Of Its Kind

Best translation apps for Android smartphones

This is a very popular and powerful multilingual dictionary, and it supports dozens of languages ​​and it has a very attractive and easy to use user interface. Its main features include support for working offline, example sentences, audios with the correct pronunciations for each word, and much more.

This is undoubtedly one of the best multilingual dictionaries for mobile devices and although it is not compatible with as many languages ​​as other apps on the list, it does serve as an excellent translator. The application is completely free, with no ads or in-app purchases, so don’t wait any longer to download it from Google Play.

Triplingo – An Amazing Online Translation App

Best translation apps for Android smartphones

TripLingo is one of the best translation apps today. With it you get a perfect online service that will translate, guide and serve you as the best of interpreters. In addition, it offers a voice function that can translate your native language into the language you want, something that makes it the ideal application for travelers.

Here you will find more than two thousand phrases that will help you achieve the most appropriate translation, more than thirty thousand audio files, instant translations and much more. As additional features, it has a smart tip calculator and a currency converter, which can come in handy on the go. You can download it totally free.

If you want something simple, try Easy, language translator

Best translation apps for Android smartphones

If you are an Android user and you are looking for a translator that is easy to use, but with high quality, this is probably the right app for you. With it you can translate more than 100 languages, and it includes text and voice translation, and you have the option of converting the text into audio and vice versa.

It is a fast and accurate translator, which even allows you to hear your voice during the translation process. It also offers the option to add your translations as favorites, to check them or use them when necessary. You can save the translations as audios in MP3 format and share them through social networks or messaging services. Best of all, it is free to download.

SayHi, The Voice-To-Speech Multidimensional Translator

Best translation apps for Android smartphones

If you are one of those who prefer or need voice-to-voice translations, we have the best option for you. It is SayHi, a fantastic online app that can translate more than 90 native languages ​​and as many dialects from around the world. Its voice recognition ability is excellent and it has a very easy to use interface that will hook you from the beginning.

You can also speed up or slow down your audios and share them with your contacts through the main social networks or messaging applications. You can practice a language with native people, through its fabulous chat function. You can download it for free through this link.

Offline Translator For 8 Languages

Best translation apps for Android smartphones

This translation application for Android will help you a lot when you visit another country. One of its main virtues is that you can translate numerous languages ​​while offline, so you won’t have to think about data connection, roaming and more. It is a unique application that uses a very small amount of storage on your device.

It provides you with a built-in dictionary, it has the ability to translate audios and photos converting them into text. If you have doubts or problems with the meaning or pronunciation of a word, just press on it and the application will solve it for you. Like the other apps on this list, it is completely free to download.

We close this list with Translate All

Best translation apps for Android smartphones

If you want to enjoy the services of multiple translation systems, try trying Translate All. You can translate texts, audios, images, and you can even use your camera to translate what you want. So, things may be easier for you if you are visiting abroad without a local guide. After installing the application, just choose the method you want to use and put the phrase, audio or image you want to translate and in just a few seconds, you will get your answers.

The application is capable of translating more than 100 different languages and also has an automatic language detection function. Not to mention that its interface is very easy to use and offers a highly advanced search engine. You can download it for free by clicking here.

And for you, what is the best translation app for Android?

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