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Four Strategic Elements to Arabic Content Localization and Smart Brand

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Localizing your marketing materials and brand is definitely an important step towards reaching more clients from around the globe. With Arabic speakers forming one of the biggest block of potential customers in the world, there is no doubt that every website with the intention of making a global outreach should have their marketing materials and brand site translated from English to Arabic in order to achieve this goal. However, translating the content alone isn’t enough and more will need to be done to realize your business ambitions. Below are some essential elements that you should adopt for a successful brand and content localisation.

Research your audience and know what they expect

Understanding your target audience is very key if you are to run a successful localisation campaign. In many cases, many business people venture into the market with themselves in mind but forgetting that they are in business to serve their clients. When engaging in Arabic content and brand localisation, always seek to understand the mind of the Arabic audience in the Middle East and others in different regions of the world include North Africa. Your content should be fine-tuned in such a way that it can easily resonate with the audience without frustrating your efforts. Always know how to put across some things including your call to action in a way that appeals to the audience. Your professional English to Arabic translator can help you do this if they know the audience well.

Focus on your audience’s interests, not yours

Many times, businesses don’t fare poorly because they lack what customers are looking for but because they present their products and services in a way that interests their potential customers. It is always important to understand that content is very important when it comes to digital marketing and yours should be tailored in such a way that it can easily appeal to your customers even before it has been translated. As you plan your Arabic content translation, always incorporate cultural phrases and nuances in addition to using the appropriate voice to communicate.

Capture your audience’s emotions

You will never get it wrong as long as you are able to touch your audience’s emotions. It is possible to tailor your content, both visual and audio, in a way that is funny and clever but always keep it within the desired limits. Always introduce humor in your website localisation but be clever when doing so in order to introduce the right creativity balance. Something that is humorous among English speaking customers might not be humorous among Arabic speakers. Study your audience and have your English to Arabic translation tailored in a way that touches with their emotions.

Familiarize with target audience’s traditions and cultural norms

Your marketing campaign should come across as respectful to your target audience’s traditions and culture. It is possible to have perfectly translated marketing content and brand but fail miserably if the style used is repulsive. Some gestures that are readily acceptable in the west might be considered rude and crass in the Middle East and therefore should be avoided. Always remember that you are like a hunter seeking to capture a prey and this calls for a closer observation of your target. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your target and use your knowledge to make a kill.

With these four key elements, localizing your website and brand will be easier and more effective thus guaranteeing great results. Remember to always work with an Arabic translator who understands Arabic and Arabic People’s culture well.

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