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iOS 14 May Add Integerated Translation Tool to Safari

The operating systems of our smartphones, whether iOS or Android, contain a lot of native features and functions for everyday use. And it’s endless work. The translation could arrive soon in Safari.

One of the missing features that everyone could agree on regarding Safari on iOS is a translation tool. When you browse a site written in a language other than your own, it is not possible to translate it on the fly. That being said, if a 9to5Mac report is to be believed, that could change very soon with the arrival of iOS 14.

In iOS 14, Safari may be able to translate web pages

Indeed, thanks to a first version of iOS 14 which found itself on the run on the web some time ago, the most curious could discover a number of new features. This translation feature should be very similar to what Google Chrome offers. This will allow users to manually translate the page of their choice, but it should also be possible to let the browser automatically detect the language of the site and translate the pages without you having to ask for it.

by carrying out all the treatment locally

And the best part is that all the translation processing will be done locally via the Neural Engine. This means that the translation tool will be operational even if you are not connected and / or you have a very unstable connection. And since the entire operation is performed on your device, no data will be transmitted to Apple if you are concerned about respecting your privacy. 

For the moment, it is already possible to translate pages in Safari but this requires the download and installation of a third-party application like Microsoft Translator. It works very well, but having a native functionality is much more interesting, a fortiori if everything is done locally.

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