Software Localization

Arabic software localization services

If you have any kind of software products, you can increase the number of such software users or customers by localizing it to the Arabic language. This will expand your reach and grow your business, since there are now more than 400 Arabic-speaking people around the world.

Arabic localization of software is a process of adapting such software to the Arabic-speaking audience or customers. At Text Power, we can professionally localize your English software to the Arabic language.

The process of Arabic localization of software does not include the mere translation of software content to the Arabic language, but it also includes other technical factors, such as customization of dialogue box sizes, features, dates and time format, colors, etc.

In addition, the Arabic localization of any software includes the process of cultural adaptation, which ensures your software will be culturally appropriate to the Arabic-speaking users and will be free from any issues that might cause any cultural sensitivities.

In the current highly competitive market, any business should always take the initiative to localize their software to the Arabic language to beat their competitors by making their software products more user-friendly and more accessible to the Arabic-speaking customers.

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