Legal Translations

Legal Arabic Translation Services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Professional legal Arabic translations services for all types of legal documents.

Text Power can provide you with premium legal Arabic translations of all types of legal documents, including agreements, contracts, court memorandums, court judgments, government laws and regulations, official circulars, and other types of legal documents.

Strong Experience of Legal Arabic Translation

Legal Arabic translation requires both the right style and precision in wording and text structure. This means that high quality Arabic translation of legal documents requires not only strong legal knowledge but also strong grasp of the legal language. We have been providing our legal translation services to a group of most reputable law offices in United Arab Emirates and around the World.

Our legal Arabic translators have in average 10 years of experience of translating tons of legal documents from English to Arabic and from Arabic to English. They are very familiar with the legal terminology used in both Arabic and English languages.

Confidentiality of Legal Arabic Translations

We completely understand that it is vital to keep the confidentiality of the documents of our clients, especially the legal documents. We are glad to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) with our clients before we receive their documents to be translated. This undertaking of protecting the privacy of your documents applies every member of our team.

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